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Listen Up - Mantic Muddlers

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit

Listen Up - Mantic Muddlers
A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit, this week we focus Acoustic Roots trio Mantic Muddlers. Combining a rich influence of sonic stylings and serving up their stories on a foundation of infectious grooves and raucous melodies, they have a soundscape that pays tribute to the rich history of Roots music, whilst pushing forward into new territory. Songs that walk a tightrope between Fiction & Reality are put forth on such instruments as the searing Violin, thunderous Double Bass and Resonator Guitar, and then enriched with a coating of heartfelt vocal harmonies. Their new album 'Tall Tales & The Gospel Truth' comes out in June.

How would you describe your music ?
We have always struggled to define our music, something which we've taken as a good omen! Influences range so far and wide and we're always intrigued to see what sounds arise from stirring them all together into a concoction of our own making. We recently accepted we don't belong to a legitimate genre, and George (Our bassist) had in a moment of clarity coined the phrase 'Roots, Rattle & Roll' which we have been going with for over a year now. We feel it aptly describes our approach to song-crafting and performing live. It's a sound entrenched in the rich history of Roots music from around the world, with unapologetic rhythms, heartfelt melodies, and storytelling that walks the tightrope between fiction and reality!

What has been your highlight so far?
Making music, from that first strike of inspiration, to moulding melodies together and unleashing it all live in front of an audience, and watching the reaction is always a great process, one which we have always been fascinated with. The songs really only become living things when they are played live, and when people are moved to get up and start swaying to them, and occasionally singing along, memorizing the lyrics (Something I do my best to do!) it is truly incredible! We've supported some excellent acts too over the years, and there's nothing like learning from the masters, and sharing a stage with another band that's only going to drive us to up our game... And getting to know their fans too.

What plans regarding recordings, video, tours etc do you have for the future?
We've just recorded our latest album in an industrial kitchen (Something about reverb I believe!?) completely live and in two days, capturing all twelve tracks in their purest state. We have never been more comfortable and in our element than when playing live, so we made a decision that we would replicate this for the album and keep it as true as possible! We didn't have an audience in the kitchen with us, for health and safety reasons, as well as practically speaking, but we gathered around a few mics and placed a couple more in the room to get that natural echo ricocheting right off of all those metallic surfaces.... It's called 'Tall Tales & The Gospel Truth' and we are releasing it with a launch gig at The Star Inn, Guildford June 27th(Support comes from Portsmouth based Rootsy-Folkster Megan Linford too!) and we have some great support slots and festivals to follow in Bristol, London and Southsea to name but a few.

Is there anything else you would like to say or any message to our readers ?
Just a massive thank you to those of you lending your ears to artists like us who are navigating this strange terrain, figuring things out bit by bit, and crafting our own musical careers - It is with your support and enthusiasm that we can keep making these sounds, exploring them live and all sharing in the sanctity of live performance, where let's be honest, we can all get truly and brilliantly lost!

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