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After much consideration we have decided that we need to launch a Fatea Mailing List to support both Fatea Magazine and the events that we are involved in organising and help to support.

Changes in the way some social media sites, Facebook Etc, are managing their posts mean that announcements we make on those sites are reaching fewer and fewer people, despite the number of people subscribing to our social media continuing to increase as our magazine readership continues to do.

We know that many of you read Fatea in different ways some of you read weekly or monthly, others on a more frequent basis, especially when we have just posted new content. It is these new content notifications that are suffering the biggest decline in reach.

We are launching a new weekly newsletter that will give you updates about what Fatea has done during the preceding weeks and provide advanced notification of events that we have arranged and/or supporting.

On rare occasions we provide more localised emails for specific locations and or countries. At no time will we share our mailing list with a third party and we will only hold the details you submit to us for as long as you consent for us to have them.

If you are in a band or run a club and you do not yet have a mailing list, Fatea highly recommends that you start one. The reach of your social media, especially unpaid, will only continue to contract and it is important that you have a mechanism to reach your audience.

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