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Freya Ward

Go Easy On Me

Freya Ward has been making quite the impression since the release of her self-released debut "By The Sea" EP last year, including earning herself a slot of on the Fatea Showcase Session "Wander" earlier this year.

Not one to rest of her laurels, Freya, has already been back into the studio to record her follow up EP, "Written With Hindsight", a record that, as the title suggests, looks back on events that have helped shape her lives and experience.

"Written With Hindsight" is due for release in the late Autumn, but Fatea is pleased to announce that the first single from that EP is out today (12th of July) and to be able to give you the opportunity to listen to it here.

Please check out the track and take the opportunity to explore more about this rising singer-songwriter.

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