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Fatea 30th Birthday Bash

For All The Exceptional Artists

One of the questions I get asked the most is what does Fatea stand for? People often think it’s an acronym, it isn’t, there’s a convoluted explanation based on Morgan Le Fey and the wording above was invented by some of the Fatea team at breakfast one morning before heading off to the Cambridge Folk Festival, a festival we’ve been associated with since 1991 and which we put on the internet back in 1996.

I’m going to answer the question in a different way. There’s two related things that Fatea stands for, giving artists a voice and getting to know some great music. I think it’s at the heart of everything we do.

To me it’s obvious if you can support great music, it encourages more great music. If you can give artists the confidence to perform and get out there, meet other musicians, exchange ideas, go out on tour together and build from there that’s a good thing. If an artist gets booked for a gig on the back of a review for their album, that’s a good thing. If a band gets seen on a stage at a gig or a festival and someone in the audience buys their cd because they’ve been impressed by what they’ve heard, that’s a good thing.

If someone has faith enough in an artist to offer them a house gig or take them up on a pledge campaign to help them actually make new music. It may be the difference between living the dream and having the dream.

Fatea has always been a not for profit, the team have always been volunteers. Some of the team have been with Fatea for a good few years, others have joined us in 2018. Some of the team have gone on to make a living as writers, photographers and designers, other members of the team have gone on to be award winning musicians. Some go and come back, but what has united us over the years has been that passion for music. We go to gigs, we listen to your music, at times we just sit and listen to your hopes and fears.

Ultimately without the music you make and the trust you give us, there wouldn’t be a Fatea, let alone thirty years of the magazine in many different forms. I find it amazing to think that we are now reviewing and supporting musicians that weren’t even born when Fatea started and at the same time reviewing and supporting musicians that were making music before Fatea came into existence.

I know I’ve spent thirty years getting to know great music, I’d like to say I think Fatea has spent thirty years giving artists a voice. Long may both continue. Help us celebrate those 30 years by coming along to the Fatea 30th Birthday Bash on November 2nd and 3rd. for more details.

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