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Folk Radio Diary

The guide to your daily fix of folk

Knowledge is power is a classic old saying, one that is as true now as it was when it was first written down, but true power lies with those that have the gateways to that knowledge, do you make things more difficult or easier? In the case of the Folk Diary, it's very definitely the latter.

With little access to music across the mainstream, count the number of primetime music shows on tv channels or specialist music shows on national radio networks, excluding classical and you are barely bothering the number of fingers on one hand. The gap is filled by the multitude of shows on independent and online radio networks, quite often both.

As artists, it's important that you find these shows after all you need somewhere to be heard. Equally as important it's somewhere to find new music, the lifeblood of any genre and that's where Folk Diary comes in.

Essentially it's a daily breakdown of what folk shows are on and where, it's doing the leg work so you don't have to. It's compiled by Ange Hardy and maintained as a section of her website and is delivered without prejudice, i.e. it doesn't try to rate and score the shows, just deliver the what, when and where. Keeping that up to date is no easy task, I should know I had a similar section on the Fatea site until the overhead of keeping it up to date became too much of an overhead.

If you run a show that's not already on the site, get over there now and make sure you are. If you are already on the site and circumstances around your show change, provide the updates. Resources like this are only as good as they are up to date, don't miss out on new listeners by failing to keep your show up to date and more importantly don't drive readers away from Folk Diary because it's wrong, keeping up with the changes is more difficult than you might think.

If you are in a band, use Folk Diary to find the shows that are best suited to your style, all the shows have different characters, and if you're a listener find those shows that help with your music fix, you'll all quickly discover a little collaboration goes a long way. There's a lot of great music out there, Folk Diary is a simple way of finding it. For more details

Gig Reviews

There are only so many hours in a day and only so many gigs we can get to. We'd really like to expand our national coverage of the live scene as it remains the life blood of music.

Are you able to help us and the artist you're seeing out by dropping us a review once you get back home, and maybe even a picture. If you are able to help, Mail Us your review and we'll get it up as quick as we can

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The Fatea Showcase Sessions are a series of downloads featuring acts that we've really enjoyed and think that more people should get the chance to hear.
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