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Fatea 30th Birthday Bash

Preserving The Archive

Fatea has been going for thirty years and we're having a festival on the first weekend of November to celebrate, but the festival is about far more than having a great time, it's also about raising funds for a good cause.

Fatea started off as a paper fanzine initially A5 and then pretty quickly to A4. Whilst we have changed from a physical format to online back in 1996, one thing hasn't really changed in 30 years is that physical review material comes with physical press copy and over thirty years that has built into quite an archive. Add that to the magazines themselves and you start talking about significant space as well copy.

Included in that archive is a lot of material from record labels that no longer exist, bands that are no longer with us for lots of different reasons as well as interviews and gig reviews that were Fatea exclusives. A lot of this material simply doesn't exist in national archives and in the case of some of the press releases from indie labels, might not exist elsewhere.

Fatea has also had some unique features, Wendy Page and her band Skin Games were the first act we ever interviewed, they were also one of the bands on the first tour of Romania after the revolution, Wendy documented her experiences for Fatea.

There are lots of exclusive interviews from those paper days are not only of interest to music fans, they have a genuine academic interest as well. These include interviews recorded with Joe Strummer and Townes Van Zandt, just before their passing. We also did the first UK interview with the Cranberries when they were still on Xeric.

I am looking to get the Fatea Archive digitised and then donate the physical archive to the British Library. Digitised copies can then be donated to other national libraries.

More importantly it will mean that we can make the early magazines available to you to read again. Unfortunately that needs money. One of the objectives of the Fatea 30th Birthday Bash is to help raise funds for the digitisation project.

Even if you can't make the festival, you can help by buying a t-shirt, a mug, a non-attendance ticket or simply make a donation. That said we would rather see you there and help us celebrate 30 years of getting to know some great music.

The Fatea 30th Birthday Bash runs 2nd & 3rd Of November At The Shelley Theatre Bournemouth. More details from:

To get your tickets for the festival:

Skin Games, 'Brilliant Shining' live in Timioara, Romania, February 1990

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