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Listen Up - Days Are Done

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit

Days Are Done are singer/songwriter Emmy Kay and BAFTA winning TV and Film composer Adam Lewis. Brought together just over 2 years ago by a series of musical coincidences and collaborations, their sound is a distinct amalgamation of Folk-pop classic songwriting, mostly written in their front rooms in Kingston-Upon-Thames. The enigmatic blend of their vocals showcases their undeniable chemistry both recorded and live. Just two months after forming they self recorded an introductory live double EP in a coffee shop in their hometown. Debut single 'Turns To Dust' followed, which secured them a session on the prestigious Grand Ole Opry owned WSM Radio in Nashville. As well as playing close to 500 gigs since their formation (including Glastonbury and opening for Michael Kiwanuka) their "old vs new" vibe and debut EP 'Closer' brought sessions for BBC Radio 2, and The Telegraph and features and reviews in Clash mag amongst others.

~ What are your musical influences and how did you get into playing music?

Emmy: Hello there! It's actually a lot of push and pull between the two of us. I'm a big modern music fan so Banks, Ben Howard, Beyoncé - I love Maren Morris but I also love Phil Collins! Adams introduced me to a lot of older stuff - Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell. He actually introduced me to Nick Drake ( which is where we got our band name from his song ' Day is Done'). We kind of meet in the middle around Fleetwood Mac and Michael Kiwanuka who we both love. In terms of playing music for both of us it was just accidental, much like this band!

~ How would you describe your music ?

Adam: We both love a proper pop melody and that classic, simple songwriting. We're trying to write songs that could be played in 30 years and still sound great.

Emmy: You can hear a George Michael song from 20 years ago and it still sounds so brilliant. We'd love to achieve that. It's all about the songs for us - the arrangements and production come later. We write everything just the two of us and a guitar and build the rest around that.

~ What has been your highlight so far?

Adam: I think it's probably a toss us between our BBC Radio 2 session & supporting Michael Kiwanuka

Emmy: Yeah the radio 2 session with no plugger was a major achievement and we both really love Michael Kiwanuka! Although being asked to perform on WSM in Nashville was a bit of a bucket list moment too!

~ What plans regarding recordings, video, tours etc do you have for the future?

Adam: Ahh we're so busy, it's great. We're doing a weekly YouTube video called TuesDaysAreDone - a new live video every week. We've got loads of new songs to share plus older ones we've never done live videos for so we thought that'd be a great opportunity to get em out there.

Emmy: We film them all ourselves on a phone so that's definitely been a learning curve! Plus we do a weekly Instagram live and a monthly Days Are Done TV Facebook live the last Fri of every month. Plus we're gearing up for a single release and gigging and writing (always writing!)

~ Is there anything else you would like to say or any message to our readers ?

Adam: Yes, please come and find us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. We're very DIY and all about people getting involved. Come & say hello! We put together a Spotify playlist here and we'll be adding new music soon:

Emmy: And come and get involved in our livestreams and weekly videos! We love doing them! Take a look at our #TuesDaysAreDone videos over on our YouTube and subscribe

Check out the website at

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