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Danielle Lewis - Anywhere Is Home

Wales is famous for nurturing fine singers and this relatively new act is a prime example of stunning inherent talent. FATEA Magazine are proud to be exclusively revealing the forthcoming single from Danielle Lewis, which is being released on Folkstock Records on July 4th. The eagle eared among you will have heard her on BBC Radio 3's The Verb, singing live at the beginning of June.

Danielle has been getting significant attention in her native Wales but having released two EP's one of which was bilingual (yes she is a fluent Welsh speaker!) since her first release in July 2013, Paper Hearts, followed by a second EP last summer, Danielle has decided to release with an English label. This decision is intended to build upon support within Wales which has resulted in Danielle being invited to be live guest on three of their S4C TV programmes with more in the pipeline, been playlisted on BBC Radio Cymru, featured as Artist of the Week on BBC Radio Wales and invited onto BBC Wales' Emerging Talent Horizons Project for 2016. 'Horizons/ Gorwelion is a prestigious scheme delivered by BBC Cymru Wales in partnership with Arts Council Wales to develop new, independent contemporary music in Wales. They have this to say about Danielle : 'There is an invigorating, fresh purity to Danielle Lewis' music. Her wonderfully clear voice sounds as effortless and uncontrived as Karen Carpenter's sounds... her songs are timeless folk pop songs that have the potential to appeal across generations, with a similar melodic nouse to Taylor Swift or Lucy Rose'.

A choice selection of prime festival slots were offered with this opportunity including The Great Escape and Festival No. 6 as well as a coveted recording of two songs at Maida Vale in the Autumn. Two tracks from her bilingual second EP, Dreams Grow, which was self released June 2015, were used on a 'Visit Wales' online campaign.

BBC Radio 3's The Verb broadcast two live performances from Hay Festival with tracks from her second EP on June 3rd 2016 and Ian McMillian was glowing in his praise, as he introduced Danielle at the opening and closing of the show.

Danielle is published by Charlotte Church's company Bounce Publishing and is releasing Anywhere is Home on Folkstock Records, on July 4th 2016.

"Danielle's unique music does something very rare in the singer-songwriter world - she exudes happiness and joy, her songs are light, her smile fills the room. She has a rare and organic natural warmth that shines through the music. Where most wallow, she soars." - Bethan Elfyn, Project Manager Horizons & Specialist Music Presenter BBC Radio Wales

"Anywhere is Home' came about from listening to Jack Johnson's warming song 'I Got You' one afternoon at home in New Quay which made me reminisce about my experiences of touring & performing across Australia at the age of 19 to moving from my childhood home on the West Wales coast to the big city lights of Cardiff to pursue my music career.

There's a sense of exploration and anticipation in the verses about keeping positive following your dreams and 'always do what you love', from that good things will come.

The tone of longing in the title hook 'Anywhere is home' is the pinnacle of the song bringing home the message, that no matter where we are it's not the place or things that make home but it's the people we surround ourselves with along the journey." Danielle Lewis

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