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Beyond The 45

Choir Special

This is a first for me. Two singles to review from different artistes, both choirs, both raising money for charities. Rory M Stanbridge

Cornish People's Choir - Cornwall My Home
The first track is a remotely recorded lockdown version of Harry Glasson's anthem "Cornwall My Home" produced both in honour of and to raise funds for the NHS at this terrible time for all of us.

The Cornish People's Choir on this track is a virtual choir with singers joining in online from all around the country. The version on YouTube is a delight and includes the stories behind both the song and the singers. It is well worth watching and is also very moving.

As a fan of choral music since my childhood days, this song is a sheer delight and demonstrates the power of music and community coming together to support such a worthwhile cause and honour those people that have helped us through the chaos.

Putting aside the reasons behind the making of the song, it stands quite happily on its own merits as a delightful piece of choral music. It has been beautifully produced and is a song that I am sure all lovers of Cornwall will revel in.

Nine Barrow/Hart Voices/Chantry Singers - The Hour Of The Blackbird
Ninebarrow is a West Country based folk duo who have been previously nominated for the BBC2 Folk Awards in 2017. This song, "The Hour Of The Blackbird" is a perfectly played and sung demonstration of their skills. Tight harmonies and superb musicianship combine to demonstrate why Jon Whitley and Jay Labouchardiere fit so well together.

I confess to not having heard much of their work until this song arrived in my Inbox but it has opened a door for me to enter to discover more about the duo.

"The Hour Of The Blackbird" is a wonderful example of traditional folk music brought into the 21st Century without losing any of its original sounds and feel. The song with its choral backing is just quite simply beautiful. It has a feel of Magna Carta at the top of their game a few years ago. Quite wonderful. My only complaint is that it is not long enough at just under three minutes. I desperately wanted more!

"The Hour Of The Blackbird" is raising money for MIND.

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