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Also Festival 30th June - July 2nd

Park Farm, Compton Verney, Warwickshire

We live in a tribalized society of self-perpetuating cliques, bound by their collective cognitive dissonance. Speech and thought are un-free; this is the post truth age, the age of dis-enlightenment. There is confusion between science and opinion, between experimental margins of error and absolute faith in absolution through ignorance. Fact is confused and infused with hyperbole, art with hubris. The prefix 'so called' discredits the parenthesised 'expert'.

There is an antidote. This tiny festival offers a slice of the best of art, music, culture, poetry, science, philosophy and preaches the re-enlightenment of our culture.

Just a few quotes from the programme:

Mad Apple Circus, cider drenched, horn driven, ska-beat. Truth or Dare Banquet; a feast of the audio, visual and theatrical together with the most incredible menu.

Gabby Young's unique perspective on the world around her is inspired by her singularly surreal imagination. Described by BBC6 Music as "Howling mad and completely irresistible" … a slew of stunningly beautiful, often haunting songs that are a genre bending explosion of gypsy folk, pop, rock, jazz, cabaret - and a whole lot more

Carpe Diem has been hijacked, taken over whilst we were chilling with Netflix, and it is a problem. Philosopher Roman Krznaric leads the charge at the Sunday Philosophy session.

Psychologist and author Philippa Perry takes a break from writing her next book, the future classic 'Families and How to Survive Them' to come to The Also Festival to talk to us about our dreams.

Art Macabre inject a lethal dose of curiosity and theatricality into drawing and mark making. Imaginative themes, diverse models and subjects.

I last attended this festival in 2015 and wrote (for Kemptation):

.. one of the few festivals to take genuine risks in pursuit of its aims, it has a soul and a mission and a confidence that embraces the chance of ridicule. This is a festival with no barriers between performers and punters. Artists were there as facilitators rather than entertainers, educators and not stars. The audience comprised poets and scientists, doctors and dreamers, teachers and dozens and dozens of individuals from all walks of life who came away with renewed belief in their own intellect and creativity, with more hope and less fear.

One of the few festivals where you'll come back changed, where you'll feel part of a community where it's not wrong to question, to be different.

There is no passive audience at Also, this is not a festival to take a folding chair and a picnic and mindlessly for six hours whilst a variety of bands exhibit on a distant stage. This is a festival to engage you, roll up your sleeves and get your brain dirty.

Laura Thomas

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