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Remembering Aberfan

Amy Goddard Marks The 50th Anniversary Of The Disaster

I don't normally do a specific piece on our Video Of The Month, mainly because the month is a little vague at best and it doesn't always get updated. I'm making an exception this month because of the video that we've chosen.

Amy Goddard has marked the 50th Anniversary of one of the worst cases of corporate manslaughter in recent history, the Aberfan Disaster with a new song, "Remembering Aberfan". Of course no one was actually prosecuted for the disaster and it's been acknowledged that the inquiry was flawed.

Amy's song really captures the personal aspects of the disaster, the survivor guilt, the impact on people's lives, not just at the time, but still many years later. It's also good that it will be contributing the charity that is still helping the survivors and their descendants come to terms with the disaster and it's long lasting impact.

You can download a copy of the single from here: Rembering Aberfan

Remembering Aberfan

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