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White Little Lies

Venue: Grateful Fred's @ The Atkinson
Town: Southport
Date: 07/11/18

There is no doubt that British Americana music is undergoing a massive increase in popularity. This movement was kick-started by the success of The Shires who are the first British act to receive a CMA award.

Hot on their boot heels are a number of British artists , including Ward Thomas, Catherine McGrath, Wildwood Kin and The Wandering Hearts.

Tonight , at Grateful Fred’s @ The Atkinson , I witnessed another band who have the potential to be added to that list. Their name is White Little Lies , an acoustic duo consisting of Liverpool singer-songwriters Daniel Saleh and Vanessa Murray.

Influenced by American bands like Little Big Town and [especially] The Civil Wars, Daniel and Vanessa have steadily been gaining acclaim as one of the best vocal duos in Merseyside. They are currently working on their first EP .

Daniel and Vanessa have been writing and performing together for about 9 months. They work in the same music shop [ Daniel is a guitar tutor] and starting jamming together. They soon realised that there was a musical chemistry between them , which they have continued to develop.

Whilst they have only been playing together for a relatively short time, they have already established an impressive repertoire of self-written songs which they demonstrated to an enthusiastic crowd at Grateful Fred’s , who know a good song when they hear it.

From the start of their opening song “Hurricane” it was clear that White Little Lies are a musical force to be reckoned with . Their harmonies are superb and their songs are catchy yet meaningful at the same time.

One of my favourites was “Young Love” which was beautifully sung by Vanessa ,with intricate guitar from Daniel [check out the video on YouTube].

Daniel and Vanessa performed the positive, upbeat “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” live for the first time tonight , and their spirited performance of this uplifting song about being happy with who you are can also be seen on YouTube.

White Little Lies concluded their excellent set with “Do You Remember” which accurately captures the awkward situation where you meet up with a friend from the past and find that you have nothing to talk about.

I do hope that White Little Lies go on to achieve wider recognition . They certainly deserve to on the strength of this performance tonight.

Peter Cowley

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Hurricane (Live)

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