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Sounds From The Cellar

Venue: The Globe
Town: Glossop
Date: 06/07/17

Take four talented individuals, all from the Hadfield and Padfield area of the High Peak in Derbyshire, add in a venue, in this case Sean's Cellar Bar and a new group is born.

Sounds From The Cellar are India Shan Merrett (violin), Lee Bardsley (guitar & vocals), Amy Griffiths (guitar & vocal) and Paul Higham (guitar, vocal and keyboard) and this was their second night at the Globe following a sell out some weeks earlier.

Immediately you warm to the music, gentle songs reflecting a summery feel, melancholy fiddle from India and with Amy, a voice that one moments reminds of the Australian band the Waifs before switching effortlessly taking over the mantle that the Commitments so soulfully mined.

Original songs introduced with humour and feigned embarrassment "Need that Look" a tale of drunken lust and yearning.

"Born To Forget" folk in the vein of the late great Alan Hull, and "The Compass" written about Paul's daughter showcase the songwriting ability of both Lee and Paul.

A strummed and plucked fiddle is the intro to "Lion" a soulful song about self confidence that leads into an old Gospel Blues cover before a slice of social commentary, we can choose to be like Trump, or not, is the message.

And if there was a message I could leave you from yet another cracking night, organised by Jamie Knowles and the team at the Globe, it would be this. Sounds From The Cellar have a great future catch them live, you won't be disappointed.

Words, Ian Cripps. Pics, Griff

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