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Sean Taylor, support Daria Kulesh

Venue: The Globe
Town: Glossop
Date: 12/05/16

Now let's see, on one hand the FA Cup final, on the other Sean Taylor at the Globe in Glossop. And as much as I follow football being a Derby County season ticket holder it's really no contest. The blues of Sean Taylor win comfortably.

It's a choice favoured by many others it seems as the renowned venue fills steadily, mind Jamie Knowles, the host who regularly puts on an eclectic mix of folk and roots acts continually asks the score of his beloved Man United.

And if we were to keep for a moment in the football vein then I'd go as far as to say that Sean Taylor is to Acoustic Blues what the 1966 England Team was to the World Cup, neither could be beaten. It was then a welcome welcome to the Globe for the young talented musician.

A night with Sean, who has a sometimes gravelly, sometimes sensuous yet at all times bluesy voice that makes you listen is a sheer pleasure. Whether it's his accomplished guitar work or the stories behind the songs such as how as a youngster his classically trained guitar teacher would scold him for bending notes and not doing a song "exactly like the original".

It was a lesson best ignored as he successfully gave us his own distinctive and original interpretations of several covers including "Heartbreak Hotel",a song forever associated with Elvis Presley, here it had a blues treatment closer to the John Cale version of the late Seventies.

Another cover " Sixteen tons" became a deep dark denigration of the "company bosses", gone any "poppy" thoughts, here the words were chewed and spat out with laudable venom. A heartfelt protest song.

Contrast and light. His original songs tell stories of love won, love lost and of lust. There's also poetry in his version of WB Yeats "The White Birds" and "Rothko" is a homage to the ambient artist Mark Rothko. Both are from his album Chase the Night, dedicated to the poets, lovers and dreamers everywhere.

From ploughing through his back catalogue of seven albums since 2006, Sean then brought us back upto date with the title track from his latest release "The only good addiction is love" explaining that the inspiration came from Jose Pepe Mujica, the former president of Uruguay who gave 90% of his income to charity, he also shunned the trappings of state and lived a simple life with his wife and a three legged dog on his simple farm. Pepe denounced drugs, money and the rest claiming they were addictive and the only good addiction is love.

Sean also regaled us with 3 new songs during his 2 sets and explained that he is soon off to Austin Texas to lay down tracks for the new album.

The expected encore turned into a poignant version of You'll never Walk Alone dedicated with a little trepidation being on the outskirts of Manchester to the Hillsborough 96.

It worked tremendously, a fitting closure to a night of intense and pleasure able music.

Earlier, Sean was supported by Daria Kulesh, a Russian woman now based in the UK who writes her own original songs based on experiences and life in Russia. Tales of her family and folklore she learned from her grandma who she clearly had great admiration and affection for. Such as the story she was told that the zoo near where they lived let all the animals out to wander the streets late at night and how it fascinated rather than scared her because she felt safe on the 8th floor of the block of flats they lived in at the time so she would look out from the window at night to try to spot the animals. It's a glorious vision even if not true.

She accompanies herself mainly on guitar and what looked like a lap held harmonium which she used to great effect in the macabre Tamara. A song based on the legend of a woman who has magically been given everlasting beauty and life but when she kisses you it's the kiss of death. Daria possess's a deep and powerful voice, she evokes the memory of Nico from the Velvet Underground. One to investigate further on this showing.

Ian Cripps

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