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Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac

Venue: Sage
Town: Newcastle
Date: 22/03/19

Having loved the music of Fleetwwod Mac for many years, I have often been curious how Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, concept, would work. I was excited to find out and have to be honest; I really wasn't expecting what they delivered!

As we waited, there were photos of the band on a split screen above the stage. Unexpectedly a video began playing; none other than Mick Fleetwood, founder member of Fleetwood Mac, speaking very highly of the band and how they are keeping their music alive and relevant, fifty years on. I thought this was a lovely touch; and he then introduced them, to rapturous applause,

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are: Jess Harwood on lead vocals as Stevie Nicks, Allan Cosgrove on drums as Mick Fleetwood, Dave Goldberg on keyboards, vocals and guitar, as Peter Green Era, James Harrison on lead guitar and vocals as Lindsey Buckingham, Scott Poley on guitars and vocals, Emily Gervers on keyboards and lead vocaks as Christine McVie and Etienne Girard as John McVie.

Muiscally, the talent on that stage was actually baffling. It was an absolute joy to behold; to select a different musician each song and spend some time just watching, entranced, as they created their part of the collective magic. During the second half, the girls remained off stage for a few songs, allowing the male members to really show their musical prowess and their own lead vocals; particularly striking was Albatross. It almost felt surreal hearing that live on a stage.

I loved the fact that the legendary songs wee interspersed with the lesser known, but no less striking of their material and that upbeat numbers were generally followed with something to totally change the mood; it really did feel like a journey through their music.

As they played, making the evening feel even more show-like, the screen above their heads alternated between showing perfectly choreographed images, original video footage from the song in question and images of Fleetwood Mac. In the case of the latter, it made it even more striking how remarkably like Stevie Nicks Jess actually sounds, Looking at those image, rather than her, you would believe the lady herself was on the stage.

You Make Loving fun gave Emily her chance to shine as her vocals took the lead, again sounding every bit as powerful as Christine McVie's

Very apparent was how much they enjoy what they do and how much they love the songs they are performing, creating a joy which emanated from the stage to the audience. At times, speaking of their counterparts, it was touching to hear the regard in which they hold Fleetwood Mac; this really is a celebration of deeply loved music, for all present.

Standout songs for the night included a beautiful rendition of Landslide, Sara, Little Lies, Everywhere, Gyspy and the final song of the night, a personal favourite, Go Your Own Way which had everyone on their feet.

Returning for an encore, were treated to the song which is reputed to have been the beginning of Fleetwood Mac, a stirring duet, which allowed voices to blend effortlessly.

All too soon it was all over, and it seemed everyone left on a high. I genuinely had to remind myself I hadn't actually just watched Fleetwood Mac live in concert, so accurate were their performances. How they emulate so something so incredible, so convincingly, is a mystery but it truly is a joy to witness.

At the end of the show the band took time to speak with people who wished to say hello and signed photos and their CD. A lovely treat was that the package includes a live DVD which was filmed last time they were at Sage Gateshead.

I certainly hope this is not the first time I will experience Rumours of Fleetwood Mac; they can go their own way, but I hope they find they find their way back to us again soon.

Helen Mitchell

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