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Reg Meuross

Venue: Green Note
Town: Camden
Date: 29/03/17

Next time someone tells you there aren't any political singers these days, tell them to get out more. Just because something isn't being shown in the mainstream, it doesn't mean it's not happening, tens of thousands of people march past your buildings and you neglect to put it on your news.

Reg Meuross is a good name to cite as an example, political with both a big and little p, songs rich in people and places. It was with ironic coincide that Reg's gig was on the same day Ms May took the "United" Kingdom, a step closer to Exit, by signing Article 50. Exit, let's not forget, campaign for the right to commit suicide, seems apt somehow. I detract.

The Green Note has rapidly become one of my favourite venues, the atmosphere and sound are really good and I've yet to be disappointed with the quality on display. Reg is playing two sets tonight and mixing in tracks from his forthcoming and yet to be completed album, "Faraway People" in with some of his more established repertoire.

Reg Meuross writes and sings really poignant songs about people and places and it looks like "Faraway People" is not going to be any exception, in fact it looks like being his most hard hitting album to date. One of the early highlights in the opening set is a list song, the title track in fact, that catalogues the names of some of the numerous people that have died waiting for or to challenge decisions made on their welfare by ATOS, some taking their own lives under the pressure.

His sets also pay tribute to names that are in danger of being lost, Harry Farr, who had relatives in the audience, a shellshock victim of WW1, who was executed for cowardice, he was a private, had he been an officer he would have been invalided home. Sophie Scholl, the German student executed by the Nazis, along with her brother for distributing anti-war pamphlets on her university campus. Nurses who keep the NHS running, despite political interference. The songs not just dark, but all with an underlying sense of hope that it could and should be better.

Reg also has a great line in chat as he introduces the songs, some of which reflect that witty banter with some great observation, he's a man that's expert in his craft. Two sets weren't enough for us and he was called back for a short encore, including another chance for us to singalong. All in all a great night and one that bodes really well for an album still to come. I'm sure there will be dates around the new album, get out and see them and to be honest at any chance in-between.

Neil King:Words and Pics

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