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Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters

Venue: Town Hall
Town: Kirton In Lyndsey
Date: 19/08/17

Having reviewed the three albums released by this band and thoroughly enjoyed them all, I felt compelled to go and see them in concert when they came to a venue not a million miles from our home. One hundred and sixty miles to be precise but well worth the effort! For this UK tour, the band had set up a crowd funding scheme in the US, an imaginative way of raising funds for a tour. This was the penultimate show on the tour and I am sure they will be glad to get back to their homes and their families.

The venue for the gig was the Town Hall in the little village of Kirton in Lyndsey in Lincolnshire. With movable seats and tables, it is rather reminiscent of a school hall with acoustics to match. The music is run by a group of volunteers under the title of and they do arrange a number of seriously good acts. One minor complaint about the venue was the quality of the audio system. The mics were really not up to standard and hence the vocals from Amanda and Rhiannon, the support, were not as crystal clear as they should have been. It did not however ruin what was a very enjoyable evening.

Rhiannon Scutt, a local singer, opened the show having been brought in at the last minute and having already sung at a festival in Driffield in the afternoon. This young lady has a lovely stage presence and just a touch of Joni Mitchell at times. She is very natural, charming and with a voice and personality to match. She is an accomplished finger style guitarist and undoubtedly a songwriter to watch out for. A star in the making! Her six song set flew by which is always a sign of enjoyment for the audience. She has an EP coming out soon which I am hoping to review.

Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters took the stage and provided a two set musical session based on their three albums to date. I have previously described them as delivering Americana Country at its best and I still feel the same having heard them live. The band musicians are all superb and Amanda is a wonderful singer and songwriter. She has written all but one of the band's recordings so far and is a quite superb lyricist combining passion with heartfelt words. This was why I was slightly disappointed with the sound as although I know many of the words, I really could not understand them on the night. The quality overall of the music however more than compensated for this! Before anybody accuses me of going deaf, my wife made the same point as did the lady sitting next to her.

I would highly recommend this band to any fans of this genre of music but you may have a bit of a wait now though. A sign of the success of the tour is that virtually all of the CDs and other items for sale had gone before the show with the exception of one XL T-shirt. I was tempted but am not that large. I hope they return to our shores again very soon and continue to make exceptional music.

Rory Stanbridge

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