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Granny's Attic

Venue: Morley Folk Club
Town: Morley
Date: 07/02/17

Granny's Attic are Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (Melodeon, Concertina, Vocals), George Sansome (Guitar, Vocals) and Lewis Wood (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals) and they were grabbing folks' attention before their BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award nomination in 2014.

Audience feedback on the night suggested it is the lads' youthful enthusiasm that stole the show with statements including 'it's great to have a younger audience in the room to ensure the tradition remains in safe hands'. Whilst their age is certainly something to acknowledge, it is not the only reason to get yourself along to a gig.

Granny's Attic are a triple threat in a number of ways - all three band members are singers, musicians and storytellers who exude energy, commitment and an underlying passion for traditional music. From sensitive guitar accompaniments with interesting accents to original fiddle based compositions (such as Lacy House / Right Under the Bridge and After the Floods which really caught the audience's imagination) and three part vocal harmonies these three performers accompanied each other without ego and shared their personality through rich anecdotes and comic banter based around touring experiences, secondary school antics, the absence of girlfriends and their unusual dancing styles.

My favourite song of the night was Granny's Attic's treatment of 'Country Hirings' which the band took from the Roy Palmer collection 'The Painful Plough'. The lyrics from a broadside printed by Harkness of Preston, were spat out with conviction to the tune 'The Painful Plough' from Sabine Baring-Gould's Songs of the West. By including a song with a resounding traditional theme alongside original compositions Granny's Attic once again proved to the audience their ability to connect the traditional with the contemporary.

This band of three individual artists has a unique relevance through their shared history of exploring traditional material. 'Royal Oak' was written in reminiscence of their teenage experience of a Charmouth pub where the trio enjoyed some youthful memories.

Whilst Granny's Attic have many midlands based gigs where two of its members are based and a scattering around the Solent, I am heartened to find on their website plans to share their energy and enthusiasm further afield throughout 2017.

Louise Jordan

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