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De Temps Antan

Venue: Slaughtered Lamb
Town: London
Date: 12/9/16

The Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon is a fantastic place to eat, drink and socialise but most important of all, see and listen to some incredible live music. Tonight was the night of premier award winning Quebecois band, De Temps Antan. I first saw this band at Celtic Connections a few years ago in the festival club where they virtually tore the roof off the place, and then again at Cambridge Folk Festival two years ago where they did the same thing on three different stages.

I’ve always found that the Quebecois tradition has the life and soul of the party ingrained in it and this is particularly true for De Temps Antan. Even before the music started the band gave the Slaughtered Lamb a relaxed and informal atmosphere by having a drink and getting to know some of their audience members. But of course, when the music started the vibe in the room was upped a gear. As soon as the infectious and mesmeric quebec foot tapping began, (comparable to the beat of house music), everyone immediately knew what this music was all about. Andre Brunet’s masterful fiddle playing was complimented with Pierre-Luc Dupuis’ bold vocals, harmonica and accordion playing and Eric Beaudry’s hypnotic bouzouki and guitar playing. Two extra fiddle players were invited onto the stage in the form David Boulanger, (of La Bottine Souriante) and Swedish musician Anna Lindblad as well Breton Bombard player Gael Lefevere which was a real treat. The multiple fiddle sound combined with the French Bombard, (which can only be described as sounding like a distorted electric guitar), gave off a massive sound which made the audience go wild. The traditional call and response nature of Quebec song is also something that never fails to get the audience involved, singing and on their feet regardless if you speak French or not.

Altogether, this was a fantastic night but I never expected anything less from this band. They’re show can’t be recommended highly enough!

Matt Tighe

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De Temps Antan

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