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Chloe Chadwick

Venue: The Millstone
Town: Gosforth
Date: 19/9/16

Opening the night was a young singer songwriter from Crewe, named Oli Ng (pronounced Ing, his dad is Chinese.)

He had an easy, relaxed manner on stage and vocally showed great potential, with a range of mellow and more upbeat songs. Lyrically, I found some of his songs very intriguing. Songs such as Story, Back In Your Arms, Down The Road and Dance All Night, allowed him to showcase some of the material from his EP. At times he reminded me a little of a young Ed Sheeran; with a quiet confidence, he wasn't phased at all by loud talking coming from the back of the room and smiled throughout his set.

Born in Staffordshire, singer-songwriter Chloe Chadwick has, for the past six years, made the North East her home. Touring Europe in her teens, she opened for artists such as The Christians and cites a huge range of musical talent among her many influences.

I first came across Chloe a little over two years ago, when I received her excellent EP, shortly after which I saw her perform at Sage Gateshead's SummerTyne Festival. I have seen her a few times since then, most recently at This year's SummerTyne. What has been obvious is that each time she has grown in confidence and vocally given more with every performance.

Tonight was no exception. Making it very apparent that she appreciated people coming out to support her and that there was nothing more complicated tonight than wanting everyone to enjoy themselves, she and the band most certainly led by example, with infectious joy and enthusiasm. They work together brilliantly as a team and clearly think very highly of each other.

Launching into Feels Like Home, with a huge smile on her face, Chloe owned the room. With banter, jokes and stories peppered through the set, she and the audience were laughing together on several occasions.

Songs from her EP and soon to be released debut album (goal is the end of the year) included Machine Heart, Don't Be Shy, Never Change. Plain Old Jane and Stranger World, which were all greeted with huge applause. New songs included I'm The One, about following your dreams, and Still Believe In Love, which lyrically was stunning. I would love to hear this as an acoustic version to allow the lyrics to really stand out, not least the metaphor of a bee sting.

Another thing I love about seeing Chloe perform love is that you never know what cover songs she will throw in, but you do know they will be unexpected and impressive. Tonight offered stunning covers of Go Your Own Way, Crazy, Good Riddance, San Antone and This Is The Life. A totally eclectic combination, yet she made each one her own, whilst staying true to the original.

Chloe opted to be no the night with an exquisite rendition of Lady Antebellum's Need You Now, with a beautiful acoustic introduction; the best the band had sounded all night. Sharing her hope that we had all enjoyed our little selves, Chloe shared that the final song was her favorite; Settle Your Heart was a perfect last song, a final reminder of how effortlessly she moves from ballad to really letting rip with her vocals.

I for one, think Chloe Chadwick is a name we will be hearing more and more, with the upcoming release of her CD, and I can't wait to see where it leads her next. One thing of which I'm fairly certain is that as down to earth as she is talented, she will Never Change from the performer who we in the North East have come to call our own.

Helen Mitchell

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