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Beth Nielsen Chapman

Venue: Pocklington Arts Centre
Town: Pocklington
Date: 8/3/18

This will have been the 5th time that my wife and I have seen Beth in concert and she has never failed to move me with her passion and her lyrics. As a songwriter she is right up there with Carole King and Joni Mitchell although arguably not as well known as both.

Beth's songs are about life, love and are nearly all very personal based very much on her own experiences. This makes the intimacy of Pocklington Arts Centre a perfect venue for Beth and is, as she called it, "just like being in her sitting room."

Beth has known real heartache which provides the fodder for her lyrics many of which will glean a tear or two even from the most hard hearted of people. Despite this, she is bright, breezy and bubbly on stage with a number of very good one liners to break up the emotion of some of the songs. This is probably the best time of her life and she certainly deserves it.

Last time we saw Beth she had Ruth Trimble with her and she was on stage again this time as part of the four piece band. Ruth also had a solo spot and delivers her music with equal passion and a lovely Irish accent. The other members of the band were Liverpool based Robert Vincent and Robbie Taylor. The music is all beautifully balanced, no drums, with just guitar, keyboard, violin and mandolin accompaniment. Beth also sang a few request numbers on her own on both piano and guitar, not at the same time though.

Robert Vincent opened the show with a mix of his delightful folk/americana music all brought together with just the right touch of Scouse humour. He is certainly one to watch out for in the future. A fabulous voice and a very good entertainer superbly supported by the talented Robbie Taylor.

This all made for a delightful, intimate and emotion filled evening from a lady that loves life and is able to put it into words so beautifully. The tour is showcasing her latest album "Hearts Of Glass" which I also had the pleasure of reviewing for FATEA Magazine back in February. A fabulous emotional roller coaster of an album made up of equal measures of wonderful lyrics and stunning music. A perfect package just like Beth Nielsen Chapman herself!

Peter Cowley

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