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Ben Maggs

Venue: The Tree House Bookshop
Town: Kenilworth
Date: 23/9/16

Arms open wide and most warm welcome to folks gathered, Ben acknowledges host Victoria Mier on how The Tree House and similar venues play such a mutually important part to live music and the independent artist. This warmth echoed throughout the night and wonderfully accompanied with heartfelt tales, laughter and such a beautiful voice.

Repeatedly laying himself bare recounting personal situations both in narrative and song, 'The Storm' depiction of a barren night on the Cuillin and loss that inspired pursuit of a full time music career in 'Man On The Moon'. New song 'Boats' introduces hint of new direction with use of loop pedal delivering additional 2 part haunting vocal.

Skilful guitar and finger picked highlight is 'Tawny Owl' before returning to technology to layer from scratch 'Bread Of Life' with bass line, percussion (guitar body tap), riff and harmony vocals. Performance not reliant on electronics as Ben reveals as fine multi-instrumentalist or rather one man band performing simulataneously on guitar, cajon and tambourine apt journey across this fair isle.

Eighty minutes or so of performance with no signs of abating we're further treated to a passionate 'Hearts', moonlight walks especially in the rain, art, poetry, the differences we all experience in change and deep love of Scotland expressed on 'My My My'.

However all good things must end, tonight 2 hour solo show closing with a pair of call and response songs, clever reverse of lyric on the reprised 'Ladies And Gentleman' gives invite which room readily accepts to also twist before sated audience crowd merchandise booth for seconds

Tony Wilding

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The Storm

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