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Over the years, we've been asked a number of questions about Fatea Magazine. We thought it was about time we rounded up the most frequently asked and laid the answers out for the world to see.

That said we do like to hear from you so if you have got any questions that aren't covered here, please get in touch with us.

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What does Fatea actually mean?
When Fatea Magazine came into existance, it was originally an A5 fanzine. The magazine originally covered music, mysticism and green issue politics. My favourite character that may or may not have existed in history is Morgan Le Fey of Arthurian Legend. In the Italian version of the legend, she is known as Morgana Fatea and as well as being an enchantress and an earth maiden, she was also a musician and so came to represent our foundation of music, mysticism and green issue politics. The magazine is named after her. Over the years we became more and more music focused, but the name remained the same.

Your reviews tend to be quite positive, is there any music you don't like?
There's loads of music we don't like, we just choose not to write about it. On most releases there is normally something of merit and we like to emphasise the positive. If something is really awful then often we'll contact the artist and explain why it's not going to appear. We also take into account that often the music isn't as good as the artist would like. We review a lot of self released albums and singles. Sometimes these are recorded at home. Some of the material we are asked for review is more for getting gigs than for actual sale and ultimately, yes we like music. Fatea is about getting music to a wider audience. Yes we're positive, but we'll also say if we think something is weak or doesn't work.

Do I have to be on a label or signed before Fatea will take an interest?
Absolutely not. A lot of the material we feature is self released. We do our best to feature everything that comes into the office. There are labels and pr companies that we deal with on a regular basis, but a high percentage of music that we cover comes direct from the artists. Some artists chose to form their own label, others just release the material. What matters to us is, do we like this? Can we help get it to a wider audience.

How do we get an interview or a feature or on the Showcase Sessions?
The simple answer is by impressing. We like to feel our bigger features/interviews/offers to appear on the Fatea Showcase Session are merit based. If you look at the acts/individuals that are part of our bigger features, a good percentage are on their own labels or unsigned. We're proud to promote good music and we don't mind if that's a debut album by a sixteen year old or a sixty year old. The key for us is simply, do we like it? We'd like to do more features and interviews, but there are only so many hours in the day and our priority is to try and make sure everyone gets heard. It's also why we try to link our releases and reviews back to MySpace or somewhere where the artists music can be heard. It gives the reader instant access to hear what we're talking about and form their own opinions.

I've got some songs on MySpace, will you review them?
In all honesty probably not. Our priority is given to artists with a physical release, what comes into the office, basically. I do listen to artists on MySpace quite regularly and will sometimes give private feedback. If I see an artist that I like the sound of has got an album or single out, I'll encourage the artist to get in touch. If we reviewed all the artists that ask us to review their MySpace, we simply wouldn't have time to review albums and singles properly. There are exceptions to the rule, but they are exceptions.

What is your association with Cambridge Folk Festival? Can you get me a gig there?
Our long association with Cambridge Folk Festival started when we were a paper magazine. We were running a Cambridge Folk Festival website before there was an official site. We're told our Cambridge Folk Festival Website is the longest continually updated Folk Festival Website in the world, but there's probably someone reading this that knows different. Our association with Cambridge Folk Festival can best be described as a friend of the festival. We maintain our previous year's information as an archive and with the help of the festival try to feature as much of the festival as we can. Can we help you get a gig there, almost certainly not. We get a lot of requests to help artists get gigs at Cambridge and other festivals and with very very few exceptions we have to say no. We are not agents or managers.

Can I submit an article or feature?
Yes, but I'd rather you contacted my via the above e-mail address first, rather than send it in unsolicited. Articles should have accompanying images if possible. Reviews of both albums and gigs should contain the appropriate information/details.(Look at the section for more details) We'll include your name with the article. If you want to contribute regularly, drop us an e-mail and we can talk. What we don't do is pay. If you look at the site, you'll notice no adverts. Fatea is a labour of love and our contributors are enthusiastic about the music. You do maintain copyright on your contribution. That you've sent it to us is taken as permission to publish. We won't forward it on to anyone else. We won't guarantee to use an article submitted on spec, but if we like it, we probably will.

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