Johnny Daukes
Album: Wonder : Six Songs From The Film
Label: Mumbo
Tracks: 6

Johnny Daukes' latest release 'Wonder' started life ten months ago after being given a painting of a man with a bird on his head Daukes believed the man was him and wrote 'The Man Who Cannot See'. It was suggested that he made a film to go with the songs. To any other musician this would seem a bit far fetched but Daukes is as much a film maker now as a musician (his full length debut, Acts Of Godfrey was released last year).

Wonder is a twenty minute short film about four couples who relationships are on the cusp of change and it is remarkable how he is able to paint such vivid and deep characters in such a short space of time. Even though the songs came first it is now impossible for me to divorce them from the film and I can only hear this EP as a soundtrack and makes me want to see Wonder again.

However, there are similarities with his last album 'A False Parade'. With cello and electric guitar the songs are suitably haunting and atmospheric. Daukes sings in a hushed tones complemented by Christine Lockhart whose vocal talents were also utilised on 'A False Parade'.

The only criticism I have is that it didn't come with a DVD of the film - I'm greedy like that.

John 'The Jacket' Hawes