Album: Meet Floatstone
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

"Meet Floatstone" is a title that invites you into a slice of Americana(from Belgium), that is both personal and political. "Happy Birthday" is a song that celebrates the freeing of Burmese political figure, Aung San Suu Kyi, from house arrest. This is followed by the much more personal nature of "The Apple And The Tree" a song about the separation of a family by natural processes, jobs etc and how that impacts sharing news of events.

Floatstone are very much part of the less is more philosophy, there is a sparseness to the sound, that combined with the drifting nature of the guitar gives and impression of wide open spaces and dusty trails beneath intense sunny skies.

The vocals tend towards that semi-spoken, semi-sung style that capture a real intensity of spirit, this is particularly true on "I Want You" where they take on an obsessive quality, to the point where the song sounds like it's being sung by a stalker.

"Meet Floatstone" is my introduction to the combo and it's definitely been a positive one. The album is easy to listen to. It's simple and loose, it's also got some great touches of humour. I won't ruin the song by going into the whole plot, but definitely check out "Shoes". Any song that starts, "I woke up this morning, it was almost too late." Has got to have something going for it and so has this album.

Neil King