Blackbeard's Tea Party
Album: Tomorrow We'll Be Sober
Label: Sef Released
Tracks: 12

Blackbeard's Tea Party. The name alone holds a bit of mystery and promises of something different. And that's precisely what it is. It's rare a band lives up to their name but this one does just that. The opening triplet of 'I Can Hew', 'Moonshaker' and 'Jolly Bold Robber' are all suitably fitting to images of veteran pirates on a drink fuelled rampage and looking for the next ale house.

'Moonshaker' is 210 seconds of lively jiggery without unnecessary lyrics but 'I Can Hew' and 'Jolly Bold Robber' possess a certain panto charm so if you're in the market for a seasonal soundtrack these are your peeps.

'The Canadian Tunes' is all about the instrumental but sways away from the 'Ahh, Jim lad' to a more folksy kind of place that just makes you want to get up and dance as if no-one is watching. 'On Board a Man of War' heads back to pirate-ville with tales of meeting a press gang and being horribly abused ('they hung me up by my two thumbs / they whipped me 'til the blood did run'). Nice. But expected if you hang around the docks I guess.

'Purple Badger', 'I Want a Pizza and a Drink' and 'Mr. Slippyfist' are all instrumental interludes that gives you time to reset between tracks and prepare your ears for the next sea-shanty banger.

'Barretts Privateer', 'Rolling Down the River', 'Landlord' and album closer 'Chicken on a Raft' are all individual story tellers with a difference that's not instantly or obviously apparent through a first listen.

'Tomorrow We'll Be Sober' won't be the album for everyone but if you can stick with it and let yourself be carried along on the good ship patience it might just break through. Give it a whirl me hearties.

Emma Sutherland