The WhybirdsThe Whybirds
Album: A Little Blood
Label: The Little Red Recording Company
Tracks: 14

This is the second attempt at writing a review of this album. The first was going to say the album sounds like conjoined twins with their own distinct characteristics but separated at birth. Then I did a little research. This wouldn't have been necessary if the record company had given some background info along with the album. It appears that 'one bird has flown the nest', cheesy I know, but apt and could be why on first listening the album appears to have two distinct feels mingled.

So what is A Little Blood, like? It's the bands third studio album and the first officially as a trio and with three songwriters in the band the album nods its head at many reference points. A Little Blood is one of those which after numerous plays slowly hits you between the eyes in its journey from early 70's Liverpool guitar rock to alt. country and beyond. It's like a good bottle of burgundy, mature with a distinct palate.

The opener 'Cheating Heart' sets the bar for the rest of the album; good songwriting, playing, arrangements and excellent not over the top production which enhances the whole album.

'The Cure' released as the first single from the album, is a classic boy meets girl story and has a lovely bouncy feel with some lovely harmonies, a big chorus and a very understated piano lurking in the background.

Before I Let You Down is a three minute alt country classic which wouldn't have been out of place on the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers platinum album Damn the Torpedoes.

Making it through the night with its haunting and melancholic beginning is my current fave and is something that even Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol would have been proud to have written.

Out of all the albums I've reviewed and listened to this week I keep returning to this one.

The album is released on Monday 4th November with an album launch gig in Letchworth on the 9th and for those living around the London area, The Whybirds are playing The Borderline supporting the Del-Lords on the following Monday. If you get a chance check them out because it's one band I'm pencilling in to see live.

Chris Light