Noel Cowley
Album: Hazy Summer Morning
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

Released in 2012, Hazy Summer Morning EP is a piano based collection of songs that immediately strikes you as being very pleasant indeed. The opening track, 'It's Decided' has a certain Beatlesque quality to its arrangement while the other three tracks feel less immediate and slightly more candid for it.

Whilst the subjects contained on the E.P. are well trodden themes of love and hope, there are some engaging rhymes and phrases that endear and add appeal to the songs.

Noel was born in the UK but brought up in Ireland and you can hear elements of this in the production values of the EP, which was mixed and mastered in Dublin. All songs were penned in collaboration with Noels brother Ewan, who was also producer of the tracks.

Having said that, Cowley has a distinctly English leaning towards loveliness in his vocal approach and lyric writing. Reminiscent of Clifford T Ward on more than one occasion, these songs do have a collective easiness about them that is both charming and rare.

Noel has some festival gigs coming up over the summer- details are on his website and Hazy Summer Morning EP is available from iTunes. On these hot summer days its a good CD to hear.

Mike Rolland