b. 26 September 1953, Caherlistrane, Co. Galway, Eire. Keane was a former member of Irish group folk De Dannan . Her first solo album, which received a gold disc, was produced by ex- Silly Wizard member Phil Cunningham, and included the Si Kahn classic 'Aragon Mill', Kate And Anna McGarrigle's much covered 'Heart Like A Wheel' and, most surprisingly, Marlene Dietrich 's 'Lili Marlene'. Farewell To Eirinn, which included John Faulkner and Eamonn Curran, featured songs describing the story of the Irish emigration to America from 1845 to 1855, when nearly two million people (or 25 per cent of the population), left Ireland.

Lion In A Cage remained in the contemporary setting, with songs by Chris Rea , Paul Brady and Kieran Halpin . The title track was a reference to Nelson Mandela, who was still a political prisoner in South Africa at the time. As with many songs of social statement, political changes often render them out of date very quickly. However, despite the freeing of Mandela, 'Lion In A Cage' remains a powerful song, and one of the better of the genre.

Dolores participated in the television series Bringing It All Back Home, in 1991, performing with Mary Black and Emmylou Harris . In June 1993, Keane set out on an extensive UK tour, backed by a band comprising John Faulkner (guitar/bouzouki/vocals), Ted Ponsonby (guitar/dobro), Daragh Connelly (keyboards), Liam Bradley (drums/vocals), and Eddie Lee (bass).

Dolores is performing with her brother Sean this year.

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