48th Cambridge Folk Festival

Welcome to The New Website

As you can see our new post-Cambridge Folk Festival Website is now up and running. This is our 22nd year covering the festival and the 17th since the invention of the internet.

Last year's introduction of an emerging talent stage, The Den, went down very well, it was packed to the rafters every time we were down there and Cambridge's commitment to up and coming performers remains as strong as ever, with the continuation of that The Den this year, as well as youthful representation on the main bill and, as always, during the Brian McNeill Session on the Saturday afternoon.

Morris dancers were back again this year, affirming Cambridge's commitment to the wider folk movement. The festival has always had a liberal interpretation of the word folk, incorporating lots of artists from right across the acoustic spectrum, but in doing so has also maintained a connection with the 'tradition' and in recent years, that has included the dance side as well.

This is number 48, the clock rolls forever forward and Cambridge rolls with it, it looks like it's going to be another great year.

We will be updating this site over a few days,especially in the features and galleries, so come back and see what's new

This is our 17th year continuously supporting Cambridge Folk Festival on the net. We're told that this makes us the oldest continuously updated festival website in the world.

17 Years Proudly Supporting Cambridge Folk Festival On the Net

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