47th Cambridge Folk Festival


The features section covers different aspects of the festival, some obvious, some less so, as well as other team member's perspectives. We've always said that Cambridge Folk Festival isn't just one festival, it's 10 000 different festivals in close proximity
If've you've got a perspective you'ld like to share, please get in touch
Similarly we are also looking to do a guests gallery so if you've got a picture you'ld like to share with the world, please drop us a line

Views From Inside The Jacket

Fatea's The Jacket takes an alternative look at the festival
The Jacket On The Den
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Snould I Stay Or Should I Go?
It's All About The Tradition

Wilkinson Wanders

Fatea's Allan Wilkinson gives his perspective on this year's festival
Allan Wilkinson's Co-Operative Cambridge Folk Festival
As well as being part of the Fatea team, Allan runs his own site, Northern Sky, which is where this feature is hosted


We did a whole host of interviews on site this year. Well Allan Wilkinson volunteered for interview duty, which means he didn't get to see as many of the bands as perhaps he would have liked.(The sacrifices the Fatea team make :-))

In association with Allan's own site, Northern Sky, Fatea brings you it's first series of audio interviews recorded at the festival

Abigail Washburn & Kai Welch
James Vincent Mcorrow
Secret Sisters
Terry Cox(Pentangle)
Megan Henwood
The Webb Sisters
Jim Moray
Sam Amidon
Nick Elliott talks to Fatea editor Neil King

Views From The Field

This is your section, if you want to write any thing about the festival. Feel free to drop us a line

macademis' Cambridge
Kev Boy's Cambridge
Ollie's Cambridge
Ewan McLennan's view from the tent

Nick Elliott

A Decade In Images