43rd Cambridge Folk Festival


Over the year we have included a number of features in the run up to the festival. We've looked at family friendly, disability friendly, interviewed the organisers amongst other things.

We will be adding features inspired by this years festival

We will be having interviews going forward this year as well as comments on the smoking debate. We will be having features on both Brian McNeill's Session and The Workshops.

Sharon Shannon Interview, Sharon Shannon talks to CAT

The Allison Moorer Interview, Allison Moorer talks to CAT

Cat On The Prowl

Alice's Wanderland

Alan & Bob's Mainstage Playlists

Allan Wilkinson turned up at Cambridge as a punter and to play The Club Tent. We liked what he had to say so we roped him in. Allan Wilkinson's Cambridge

John Meed shares his thoughts on his festival debut

Allan Wilkinson shares his thoughts on Rachel Unthank & The Winterset's new album"The Bairns" Launch

The Brian McNeill Session

Allan Forshaw, a tribute

  Click Here to send us any particular suggestions that you would like to see in this section prior to this year's festival. We would like to hear from any band thinking of aiming for a festival session as we've an idea that we'd like participation in.