42nd Cambridge Folk Festival


As per usual it's an early start on the Thursday. It's mainly about avoiding the traffic, but there are also people to see before the 42nd Cambridge Folk Festival kicks off.
It's a scorcher of a day. The thunderstorm last night has done little to clear the humidity, the roads are relatively quiet and I get to Cambridge in good time.
As I drive past Cherry Hinton Hall to drop my stuff off where I'm staying (Thanks Andy) The site is already busy with activity. Festival goers already there with loads more making their way along the road with all sorts of tents and other equipment under arms, on backs and even on a child's pushchair.
I drop my kit off and catch up with what's been happening locally before heading off to one of the local pubs to meet up with one of the FATEA crew, Phil and sort him out with his ticket and start confirming whose covering what.
It's not just the booked acts that we're going to be looking at. A lot of bands that are hoping to play the Club Tent have been in touch so between us we're going to spend more time there this year.
Phil has been delayed in traffic, but there are lots of places worse than a pub to wait for someone. It's a hot day so a nice cold drink slides down all too easily.
Phil shows up and there's still time to order food, result. The choice of food is Tai. There's a lot to catch up on and it's a really enjoyable lunch.
It's starting to cloud over and the humidity is high. By the time we reach the site it's started showering, it just makes all the camping activity that much more frantic. Fortunately it's over almost before it starts. By the time we've got our passes it's stopped, time to head into the site proper.
Children are already playing. The circus skills area is up and running. People with guitars seem to be looking for people with fiddles.
A squealing balloon makes its way skyward.
Next stop is the media caravan to see if there's any news updates and see who else has checked in.
The old crew are there and it's starting to feel like Cambridge again. There are so many familiar faces around.
I go and grab a programme. I get back in time to see Nick and Cat arrive so the FATEA team are gathering and getting ready for the off. There's also the first sighting of the non-FATEA pit ponies. So it looks it's going to be a good year, if only the weather holds and itís getting decidedly dark.
Almost as soon as I've finished writing it decides to start chucking it down. It doesn't make a lot of difference in the field. The Frisbee game goes on unabated.
The sound of rain drubbing off the band gets in the way of the conversation. Suddenly the Frisbee boys make a break for it as does pretty much everyone else.The first crack of lightning ends the bravado
The poor souls trapped in the beer tent are almost certainly going to have to buy an additional drink or three.