42nd Cambridge Folk Festival


Photocredit: Neil KingIt's been raining overnight and the morning just feels so fresh. There's a light breeze the sun is just breaking through, it's glorious.
You know the routine, Unicorn, back of the Club Tent to finish off writing the previous day. The site is in the process of being cleaned by a massive litter picking machine. Dyson eat your heart out.
It's going to be Bruce Molsky from Mozaik doing the fiddle workshop and I'm ready for the off.
The workshop starts with a couple of Old Timey numbers. Whilst not exactly old, Bruce isn't young and he was taught a tune by a music teacher that had learnt it from an old Civil war veteran. It's remarkable to think that that is still within three generations.
I find time to visit the Proper Record concession in the main market area. They are literally reducing the prices before my eyes. I'm almost following the man with the pricing gun along the racks.
I get the feeling that my wife is going to kill me when I get home as my instinct for a bargain overrides the commonsense gene.
One of the nice ladies on the stall gives me a box to carry my booty away. I've even been tempted by a couple of full price albums by artists playing the festival.
I'm getting visions of having to spend a few nights on the couch. Maybe if I sneak them in one or two at a time. I content myself that at least one is for my dad and head back to the media caravan to come up to speed with any changes etc. that might have happened. It's all green to go.
I'm a regular Archer's listener, every Sunday at Cambridge, where tradition dictates that it's played to the field.
The site is really starting to fill up. For no good reason I'm reminded of the massive queues for the real lemonade stall. I nip across thinking that people won't be too hot yet.
It's a good hunch; I walk straight up to the stall and chilled lemonade with real lemons. It's just a case of being able to drink it comfortably before Rodrigo Y Gabriela and the answer is yes.
It's children's ceilidh on the Radio Two Stage followed by Ezio so I can't think of a good reason to leave the Main stage until Van Eyken make an appearance.
Stage One ended with Latin rhythms last night and Sunday starts with something very related, Rodrigo Y Gabriela.
Both Rodrigo and Gabriela are part of the team that believe guitars are a percussion instrument as well as stringed. They were both also part of a Mexican thrash metal before they relocated to Ireland. Thereís almost a telepathy between the two of them. Thereís a vibe you only get when two people are just so connected.
It's a blistering start to the day. Fully instrumental apart from the odd shout.
The crowd are regularly involved with lots of clapping. It's really woken them up and out of the torpor. If this is a new trend for Cambridge then Iím right behind it. Thereís three Latin outfits here this year and the weather is absolutely spot on for it.