The Cambridge Crofters are one of three local bands playing the festival this year. Due to the use of the word Cambridge in their title, they have the highest name recognition of the three. The band include festival compare Keith Days amongst their number and I'll hand you over to hime for a short resume of what they've been up to of late.

Cambridge Crofters

Cambridge Crofters have been a feature of the local Cambridge folk scene for as long as the festival has been going and were the very first group to appear on stage at the first Cambridge Folk Festival.
Comprising nine members, including 3 of the original members, they continue to give concerts and play at ceilidhs where they have a strong following. In recent years they have organised an annual charity concert in the city and have raised around £15,000 for local charities through their efforts.

The band comprised 3 original members
Dave Benford, vocals, English concertina, percussion.
Andrew Kendon vocals, banjo, mandolin and guitar.
Dick Brading, vocals, whistle, guitar, English concertina.
Tim Brading, vocals, guitar.
Keith Day, vocals, bass, guitar, bouzouki
Jim Catterall, melodeon
Jock Thompson, uillean and Northumbrian pipes, accordion
Jack Parsley, violin
Rod Ward, violin.

Their music is based around the 5 singers, and covers a wide range from traditional ballads and drinking songs to modern music in the folk idiom. The instrumental music covers many of the aspects of the English and Celtic traditions. As always with the Cambridge Crofters, the performance is intended to entertain and draw the audience into the show.

The Cambridge Crofters will once again be at the Folk Festival in 2000, making their 12 appearance on the bill, and in so doing becoming the most booked band in the history of the festival.