For me, the number 36 is a very special number. In numerology it's the number of the Sun apart from a couple of showers the 36th Charles Wells Cambridge Folk was both sunny and hot, in vibe as well as heat.

The FATEA crew was once again working hard to bring you as much of the festival as possible, before during and after. We're in the process off updating the site at the moment.

Between us we took loads of photographs, recorded lots of interviews and saw some fantastic sets on your behalf. Hopefully all of this will be up by the middle of August at the latest so keep checking back to see what we've added.

We are trying to build up the most comprehensive Cambridge Folk Festival Site we can, so if you have any memories or photos of previous years that you would like to share e-mail them to us. Alternatively if you went this year, we would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Look around, enjoy the site, but above all enjoy the festival.